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Project Logo

Linear algebra library for the Rust programming language.

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Vectors and matrices

The fundamental building blocks of linear algebra: heap or stack-allocated vectors and matrices parametrized by their dimensions.

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Decompositions and Lapack

Compute matrix decompositions, and solutions to linear systems. Benefit from efficient Rust implementations, or Lapack bindings.

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Points and transformations

Strongly typed geometric entities like points, rotation matrices, quaternions, isometries, similarities, projections, etc.

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nalgebra-glm, for computer graphics

Use the nalgebra-glm crate for a simpler, straight-to-the-point, graphics programming-oriented API. Inspired by the C++ GLM library.

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nalgebra-sparse, for sparse matrices

Use the nalgebra-sparse crate to work with sparse matrices based on the CSC and CSR formats.

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Wasm and Embedded programming

Use and compile nalgebra for browser applications or embedded targets that do not support the Rust standard library.

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Forever free and Open-Source

Built with a FOSS mindset, we aim to empower the Rust and web communities with an efficient linear algebra library.


nalgebra is supported by the community and companies.

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