[][src]Function nalgebra_glm::clamp_vec

pub fn clamp_vec<N: Number, D: Dimension>(
    x: &TVec<N, D>,
    min_val: &TVec<N, D>,
    max_val: &TVec<N, D>
) -> TVec<N, D> where
    DefaultAllocator: Alloc<N, D>, 

Returns min(max(x[i], min_val[i]), max_val[i]) for each component in x using the components of min_val and max_val as bounds.


let min_bounds = glm::vec2(1.0, 3.0);
let max_bounds = glm::vec2(5.0, 6.0);
assert_eq!(glm::vec2(1.0, 6.0),
           glm::clamp_vec(&glm::vec2(0.0, 7.0),
assert_eq!(glm::vec2(2.0, 6.0),
           glm::clamp_vec(&glm::vec2(2.0, 7.0),
assert_eq!(glm::vec2(1.0, 4.0),
           glm::clamp_vec(&glm::vec2(0.0, 4.0),

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