[][src]Trait nalgebra::base::Scalar

pub trait Scalar: Clone + PartialEq + Debug + Any {
    fn is<T: Scalar>() -> bool { ... }
fn inlined_clone(&self) -> Self { ... } }

The basic scalar type for all structures of nalgebra.

This does not make any assumption on the algebraic properties of Self.

Provided methods

fn is<T: Scalar>() -> bool

Tests if Self the same as the type T

Typically used to test of Self is a f32 or a f64 with N::is::<f32>().

fn inlined_clone(&self) -> Self

Performance hack: Clone doesn't get inlined for Copy types in debug mode, so make it inline anyway.

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impl<T: Copy + PartialEq + Debug + Any> Scalar for T[src]

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