[][src]Trait nalgebra::base::storage::ContiguousStorageMut

pub unsafe trait ContiguousStorageMut<N: Scalar, R: Dim, C: Dim = U1>: ContiguousStorage<N, R, C> + StorageMut<N, R, C> { }

A mutable matrix storage that is stored contiguously in memory.

The storage requirement means that for any value of i in [0, nrows * ncols[, the value .get_unchecked_linear returns one of the matrix component. This trait is unsafe because failing to comply to this may cause Undefined Behaviors.


impl<'a, N: Scalar, R: Dim, CStride: Dim> ContiguousStorageMut<N, R, U1> for SliceStorageMut<'a, N, R, U1, U1, CStride>[src]

impl<'a, N: Scalar, R: DimName, C: Dim + IsNotStaticOne> ContiguousStorageMut<N, R, C> for SliceStorageMut<'a, N, R, C, U1, R>[src]

impl<N, R, C> ContiguousStorageMut<N, R, C> for ArrayStorage<N, R, C> where
    N: Scalar,
    R: DimName,
    C: DimName,
    R::Value: Mul<C::Value>,
    Prod<R::Value, C::Value>: ArrayLength<N>,
    DefaultAllocator: Allocator<N, R, C, Buffer = Self>, 

impl<N: Scalar, C: Dim> ContiguousStorageMut<N, Dynamic, C> for VecStorage<N, Dynamic, C> where
    DefaultAllocator: Allocator<N, Dynamic, C, Buffer = Self>, 

impl<N: Scalar, R: DimName> ContiguousStorageMut<N, R, Dynamic> for VecStorage<N, R, Dynamic> where
    DefaultAllocator: Allocator<N, R, Dynamic, Buffer = Self>, 

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