[][src]Trait nalgebra::base::constraint::SameNumberOfRows

pub trait SameNumberOfRows<D1: Dim, D2: Dim>: DimEq<D1, D2> + DimEq<D2, D1> {
    type Representative: Dim;

Constraints D1 and D2 to be equivalent. They are both assumed to be the number of rows of a matrix.

Associated Types

type Representative: Dim

This is either equal to D1 or D2, always choosing the one (if any) which is a type-level constant.

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impl<D: Dim> SameNumberOfRows<D, D> for ShapeConstraint[src]

impl<D: DimName> SameNumberOfRows<Dynamic, D> for ShapeConstraint[src]

impl<D: DimName> SameNumberOfRows<D, Dynamic> for ShapeConstraint[src]

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